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Wineries & Vineyards of South Africa
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Who We Are
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We are an international voice and social link, exporting some of the best South African wines to distributors worldwide.

Our main goals and objectives are to gain a global presence and to develop strategic partnerships, harnessing South African wine production valued at 600 million US dollars in annual international trade.

At By The Waters African Trade, we take pride in introducing the world to the hidden treasure of African viticulture. Specializing in the sale and export of the finest South African wines, our business extends its reach across three key regions.


Our dedicated focus is not only on delivering exceptional wines but also on promoting sustainable wine production practices, working hand in hand with local wine farmers and retailers globally.

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South African


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As part of our goals and commitment to our wine farm partners, we showcase South African wineries and their products in 3 key regions, generating brand awareness, leads and sales.

Our Wine Estates
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Our wines are crafted by renowned South African winemakers, ensuring a standard of excellence that sets us apart in the industry.

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Oak Valley

Wine Estate

Harnessing South African wine production through meaningful relationships!
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