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Oak Valley

Wine Estate

Oak Valley

Oak Valley Estate was founded in 1898 by Sir Antonie Viljoen, a medical doctor who graduated from Edinburgh University in Scotland. Sir Antonie became a Senator in the Cape Parliament and was knighted by King George in 1916 for his efforts to reconcile the Boers and Brits in the bitter aftermath of the Boer War.

Sir Antonie was a farmer extraordinaire and amongst his many farming achievements was the establishment of the first commercial apple orchards in the Elgin Valley. The apple industry remains the economic backbone of the region today.

Well over a century has passed since the pioneering accomplishments of Sir Antonie and today Oak Valley lies in the heart of the Elgin Valley, renowned for its apples and pears, its greenhouse cut-flowers, and, for the production of its outstanding cool climate wines.


Towering above our mountain vineyard is the Groenlandberg, with its highest peak of 1,181m, higher than Table Mountain. The Groenlandberg has a major influence on fruit development by casting its shadow over the vines and directing cold air down the valley at night.

This range embodies our vision to create Chardonnay and Pinot Noir that speaks to this unique site. Focused exclusively on fruit from these mountain vines, the Groenlandberg range has its own character and we’re only beginning to understand its potential.

Oak Valley Stone and Steel Riesling 2021.jpg
Stone & Steel
Oak Valley Beneath the Clouds Chardonnay 2021.jpg
Beneath the Clouds
Oak Valley Sounds of Silence Pinot Noir 2021.jpg
Sounds of Silence
Oak Valley Fountain of Youth Sauvignon Blanc 2021.jpg
Fountain of Youth
Oak Valley Groenlandberg Chardonnay 2021.jpg
Oak Valley
Oak Valley Groenlandberg Pinot Noir 2020.jpg
Oak Valley
(Pinot Noir)
Oak Valley Wines
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